A professionally designed and built e-commerce online shop can open up your business to potentially millions of customers.

We have a variety of e-shopping packages, from small start-ups to fully functional database management systems.

Safe and secure Payment Gateways can be set-up to suit your requirements and we can help and advise which would be most suitable for your online shop.

The web based, shop administration area enables you to easily change the content of your website, create and edit pages, add new products, write newsletters, and much more...

Shop Features

  • It's easy because there is no additional software or training required.
  • Total shop management from your browser
  • Pay by any of the major credit cards and by Paypal
  • Safe, secure, encrypted online transactions
  • Payments upon your authorization, paid directly into your bank account
  • Easily add or delete products, change prices, descriptions, special offers
  • Fully interactive database, all orders are tracked and updated to your account
  • Automatic stock level inventory warnings
  • And much more...


What is Content Management?

The accuracy and speed in which content can be made available on a web site plays a large role in it's value.

Instead of dealing with the technical side of web development programming, which is the usual method used when adding content to a particular page of a site, a Content Management System can be setup to efficiently update the site with ease when it is required.

By placing the control of the content in the hands of your business experts instead of your technical team your company will be able to achieve your business objectives through the site more effectively.

Benefits of Content Management

• No prior knowledge of the internet or web site development is required.

• Content can be created easily using generic office software and easily published using the Content Management software.

• Content can be managed by the non-technical employees who are experts in that field, no technical jargon is involved.

• Drag/Drop envoiroment makes it easy to add new pages or edit existing content.

• A workflow procedure can be developed ensuring that submitted pages are aproved by executives.

• A Content Management System will save costs through rationalised resource utilisation.Increase shelf life

The shelf life of a web site is typically between 2 and 4 years. When a site is initially built it remains the same for a few years until it is decided that a redesign is required.

The web site is discarded and a new site is developed. This redesign may have been avoided if a Content Management System had been in place. By using a database-driven CMS that takes advantage of a templating engine, the site could be incrementally changed to suit the newest internet trends instead of requiring a full web redesign.

Archived Content
Another benefit of a database-driven Content Management System is that content can be archived and still be publically available (even though a new site has been developed and launched). This will contribute to Search Engine Optimisation and can act as a resource incase old content is ever needed at later dates.


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