Writing a blog will really help to generate sales leads and promote their business. There are some things to consider though.

It’s not as if we can just put a blog out there and suddenly your business is transformed in to an overnight success it takes time. Without giving your blog time, effort and professionalism, like you do to your business, it won’t flourish.

It is possible to support your business brilliantly through blogging. A business is not truly making the most of its marketing capability without a great blog supporting it. A blog helps generate awareness of what you do, and the services you provide. Blogging allows you to connect with a community and exchange feedback which improves your business and practices. If there is a new product or service being released at your business then create a blog post. This means that you have a broader platform to sell from, and more opportunities of getting your message out to your target audience – paying customers.

Blogging is measurable - Often, when you pay for advertising or marketing, there is no way of calculating your return on investment. Blogs let you see just how many people are accessing your site, where they come from and when they are looking (use the free Google Analytics) this will alert you to what is effective, and what isn’t.