The Web Design Process

Meeting / Goals / Proposal

At the start of a project, we'll talk about the end result you want from your website. We'll discuss the goals that will help us achieve what you want, and the tasks involved.

You'll receive a comprehensive proposal of our build plan and pricing. This will guide you through the steps in development, allowing you to amend and approve each point of the website build.

UI / Prototyping / Graphic Design

We'll come up with a couple of home page designs for you, allowing you to choose a visual style and branding to your liking. From there we'll extrapolate designs for the rest of your site.

In this step we talk closely with you, allowing you to say what you like and what you don't, and we'll send you out revisions based on your feedback.

XHTML / CSS / JavaScript / CMS

Here we work on the nitty gritty stuff. Your website will go from a static design to a fully dynamic website with the bells and whistles attached.

We'll browser test it to ensure it looks the same in all major browsers, gracefully degrades in older ones, and plug in the proposed content management system for you to control your new site.

Analysis / Maintenance

To ensure you're aware of how your website is performing, we'll use analytics to track your customers' performance on your website.

We'll let you know how many people are on your site, how they got there, what activities and pages are most popular, and how we can improve on your stats. Additionally we'll ensure any bugs are quashed, and your website stays up 24/7.